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Hello Again, We are Certified-Professional Experience Massage Therapist, Make-Up Artist, and Aestheticians. We've been providing services for over 26 years and we want you to know about the wonderful things we have to offer to you. Here's a little bit about the owner: She enjoys the outdoors, all sports especially Baseball and Football. Yay! She is a proud mother of two beautiful children; 1 boy & 1 girl. Why she love pampering others? Well, lets just say she loves her work and she's blessed that God has given her the gift to help others through their life course. Massage therapy became the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Her career in Massage Therapy blossom like a red rose; Its full of color, life, emotions, relief, and excitement. Having that special gift to heal and to soothe away others aches and pains makes her the happiest person around. Building her knowledge over the years in other healthcare fields, she grew stronger in the knowledge of Massage Therapy and Healthcare... Learning how the body functions, the proper techniques, proper body stanza, and different range of motions that the body could use for increase mobility, and the ethics of Massage Therapy made a difference in her life... without Massage Therapy where would she be? Where would you be? A massage will change ones life forever... YOUR LIFE, so call Today to learn more about our services. You are in our hands, for your health and well-being.

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