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Facial Cleaners: $16 SM     $32 LG     $2.00Samples/Trial Size

(Honey "AM" Home)

(Turn It Up)

Toners: $16 SM     $32 LG     $2.00Samples/Trial Size

(The Arnold) Schwarzenegger

(Bind Me With Lavender)

Exfoliation: $16 SM     $32 LG     $2.00Samples/Trial Size


Moisturizer: $16 SM     $32 LG     $2.00Samples/Trial Size

(Nice & Easy)


(Need Water)

Mask: $16 SM     $32 LG     $2.00Samples/Trial Size

(Dinners Ready)

(Closed for Breakfast)

(Nice & Easy Mask)



Sugar Scrubs: $17 SM     $34 LG     $2.50Samples/Trial Size

(Vanilla Sugar Scrub)

(Tangent Orange Sugar Scrub)

(Pumpkin Pie Sugar Scrub)

Salt Scrubs: $17 SM     $34 LG     $2.50Samples/Trial Size

(Baby) Lavender

(C'mon Man Apple Cinnamon)


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