Your Healing Hands Massage Therapy
Yours In Health-Longer Sessions For Lesser Rates
Medical/Manual Therapy Services and Rates
  • There is a $30 co-pay for all medical clients; you are allowed up to 3 units (see insurance rules) a session which is 15 minutes per unit. There’s also a $20 consultation fee.
  • CranioSacral/Lymph Drainage $80 per hour ($20 per 15 minute unit)
  • Feldenkrais $80 per hour ($20 per 15 minute unit)
  • Hot and Cold Packs $15 per session
  • Therapeutic Massage $60 per hour ($15 per 15 minute unit)

Payment Policies 

Cash or Check or Credit Card 

  • A 10% discount is available when payment is made at the time services are provided.
  • Pre-payment discounts: 6 sessions for the price of 5.


We will bill your insurance company directly under the following conditions:

Private Health: verbal verification of coverage 

Worker’s Compensation: verbal verification of coverage 

Auto Accident

  • PIP: verbal verification of coverage 
  • Second Party Coverage: written verification of coverage 
  • Third Party Coverage: health care lien will be filed and/or letter of guarantee signed by the patient’s attorney 

All insurance accounts not paid in full within 90 days from date of service will be charged interest. Interest rates are 12% annually and are charged at 1-3% monthly. Interest is calculated on the principal amount; interest is not compounded.


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