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Yours In Health-Longer Sessions For Lesser Rates

This Membership starts on the day of purchase with account being PAID IN FULL; Funds will be added to Spa Member account. Members can start stop at their leisure until all sessions have been redeemed.  NO REFUNDS will be given. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you miss an appointment, it will count against you as a session so please be sure that is the date & time you want. Members are allowed 1 (one) emergency re-book waiver.


Renewing Membership:

Members may renew membership after completing all sessions from prior membership; however, rate is subject to change. 

These membership services allows one to get eight (8) or ten (10) services which client(s) may choose from Therapeutic or Swedish. Members will receive 1 FREE upgrade (Deep Tissue or Mini Pedicure - foot soak in hot heated jets-scrub-toenail maintenance-nail shaping-light massage on lower legs and feet), 1/2 off on ALL MASSAGE MODALITIES  and one (1) 30-minute express facial. 

For more details please call Spa directly.

*** There's a $20-$50 charge to upgrade modality (must be purchased in-house)***

Prices are as follow: 

$20 extra for Prenatal-Postpartum-Labor-Infant-Hot & Cold Stones-Reflexology-Energy Massage-Facial Massage-Critically Ill Massage

$30 extra for Aromatherapy-Myofacial Release

$40 extra for Cranial-Sports Massage-Medical-Trigger Point

$50 extra for Neuromuscular-Rolfing-Lymphatic Drainage


Membership Packages are as follow: (please see rules and regulations and call for discounts)

10-50 minute massages with Deep Tissue included $450 ($1500 original rate)

8-80 minute massages with Deep Tissue included $700 ($1700 original rate)

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